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Miss Katrina Read is a general surgeon and breast surgeon consulting at St Vincent’s Private Hospitals. With over 25 years of experience, she has a caring and compassionate nature while conducting unhurried consultations for benign and malignant breast conditions.

With 25 years of experience in this field, Miss Read provides an unhurried consultation for benign and malignant breast conditions, encourages questions and welcomes your support person to attend. Katrina’s breast cancer surgery is aimed at treating cancers surgically, while providing optimal cosmetic results through careful scar placement and breast tissue repair. She appreciates the urgency of obtaining diagnosis and treatment and can see you within 24 hours for probable or diagnosed breast cancer.

Benign breast conditions, mastalgia and breast cysts are also a large part of Katrina’s practice. Katrina practices multidisciplinary breast care with a trusted team of specialists to optimise patient care, compliance and outcome. She works closely with reconstructive plastic surgeon A/Prof Bruce Johnstone when reconstructive surgery is needed.

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  • Australasian Society of Breast Diseases
  • ANZ Breast Cancer Trials
  • Breast Surgeons ANZ

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