Virtual office support

administrative assistance

For medical specialists

Virtual Office Support (VOS) at Mayfair Specialist Centre is a comprehensive service designed to provide remote administrative assistance to medical specialists.

This support system offers a suite of services tailored to the unique requirements of healthcare professionals, ensuring their practices run smoothly and efficiently.

Appointment management

Our VOS includes meticulous management of specialist calendars, handling patient appointments, and organising consultations.

Specialists retain their phone numbers, with calls diverted to our office for seamless appointment scheduling directly into their software.

This ensures optimal time management and convenience for both specialists and patients.

Dedicated patient communication

Handling all forms of patient communication, our team manages phone calls, emails, and online enquiries.

We provide timely and accurate responses to patient queries, ranging from appointment scheduling to prescription enquiries.

This aspect of VOS ensures that patient communication is handled professionally and efficiently, maintaining high standards of patient service.

Comprehensive billing support

Our service extends to include assistance with medical billing and insurance claims processing.

By managing these critical but time-consuming tasks, we help specialists streamline their billing processes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Cost effective solution

Opting for our Virtual Office Support allows specialists to reduce overhead costs associated with hiring in-house staff.

This cost-effective approach enables medical specialists to focus on their core competency – delivering exceptional patient care – while we handle the administrative intricacies of their practice.

With Mayfair Specialist Centre’s VOS, medical specialists can offload routine tasks and administrative responsibilities to a dedicated virtual support team.

This not only optimises their time and resources but also enhances the overall functionality of their practice, leading to improved patient care and practice efficiency.

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