See & Treat Clinic

Streamlined Patient Care

Combining consultation and treatment in a single visit

The See & Treat Clinic at Mayfair Specialist Centre is designed to streamline the patient journey, combining consultation and treatment in a single visit.

Our primary objective is to evaluate and, whenever possible, treat patients in a single visit. This approach significantly minimises the need for multiple appointments, effectively reducing waiting times and enhancing patient convenience.

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Expert care

Run by experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons, our clinic specialises in the removal of both cosmetic and cancerous lesions.

We prioritise patient safety and care, ensuring that all specimens are sent to a pathology laboratory for thorough testing.

Patients are then provided with results and any necessary follow-up care at their post-operative appointment.

Prompt resolution

Our clinic is an ideal solution for patients seeking prompt resolution of their health concerns, particularly those with time constraints.

We ensure that if immediate treatment is possible, it is carried out efficiently in our onsite minor operation theatre.

In instances where a patient requires further specialised care or hospital-based procedures, we facilitate timely referrals to other specialists or schedule the necessary follow-up appointments.

Patient-centred approach

While we strive to treat within the same visit, patient safety and care quality are paramount.

If immediate treatment is not possible, or if further specialised care is needed, we facilitate hospital bookings for procedures or referrals to other specialists for comprehensive management.

If required, follow-up appointments are also arranged to ensure continued care and patient support.

State-of-the-art facilities

Equipped with an onsite minor operation theatre, the See & Treat Clinic is capable of performing immediate treatments when feasible.

This facility underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive care in a single location, enhancing the overall experience for both patients and specialists.

At Mayfair Specialist Centre, our See & Treat Clinic embodies our commitment to professional, efficient, and patient-focused healthcare services, aligning with the highest standards of medical practice.

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