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Welcome to The Ear Nurses, the leading provider of exceptional microsuction ear cleaning treatment in Melbourne. Established in 2008 in Balwyn, we have grown to become a trusted name in ear hygiene. With our expanding network of clinics located in and around Melbourne, we are dedicated to bringing convenient and accessible water-free microsuction ear cleaning to our valued patients.

15+ years of Expertise

Shelley Straw, our Director, leads our qualified and experienced team of Ear Nurses. With vast expertise in ear, nose, and throat nursing, Shelley began her career at the prestigious Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in 1981 and in New Zealand where she trained alongside Expert Ear Nurses.

In 2008, Shelley founded Crystal Clear in Balwyn, which has since expanded to multiple Melbourne locations. Our goal is to deliver a superior standard of microsuction ear cleaning treatment suitable for patients of all age groups.

Registered Division 1 Nurses

Our team of practitioners consists of highly qualified Registered Division 1 nurses. Their expertise and dedication to providing excellent patient care make them the perfect choice for all your ear hygiene needs.

Comprehensive Training and Certification

At Crystal Clear Ears, we prioritise the ongoing professional development of our Ear Nurses. Our Registered Nurses receive one-on-one training in Microsuction and Aural Hygiene, following industry standards. Upon completion of the clinical training, our Nurse Educator awards the Ear Nurse a certificate of competency, ensuring their proficiency in delivering a superior standard of ear hygiene care.

The reasons why our patients choose to seek our service

When you choose Crystal Clear Ears, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest standard of microsuction ear care. Our Ear Nurses are passionate about maintaining ear health and are experts in the clinically proven methods of Microsuction and Aural Hygiene. Experience the difference with Crystal Clear Ears and enjoy optimal ear health today.


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